Gifts For Gamers

Since Valentine’s Day is only four days away, I thought it would be time to write about the perfect present for a gamer or someone who’s into gaming. Therefore I present to you my top four gaming presents excluding games. (Of course, this list can also help everyone to find something nice for themselves 😉 )

Number 4: Merchandise

If your subject is the total enthusiast of a specific game or game series, s/he probably have all the games available. A solution might be to give her/him merchandise as a gift. Merchandise does exist for all popular games and in nearly any shape. There are shirts, bags, jewellery, accessories, plush toys, statues, posters, etc. It is very possible that you’ll find something suitable for the lucky fellow.

Merchandise - a 'Ganondorf' Statue and a 'Psyduck' Plush Toy

Merchandise – a ‘Ganondorf’ Statue and a ‘Psyduck’ Plush Toy

Number 3: Books

Stories and lore in video games become more and more multifaceted and important. A lot of games get additional background stories in the form of books. Since video games cover different genres, there are also books for every taste. To name some: Assassin’s Creed, Diablo, Dragon Age, Gears Of War, Guild Wars, Halo, Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls (‘Skyrim’), World Of Warcraft, etc. But, there are also some games based on books like ‘The Witcher or ‘Metro 2033’. In most of the cases the games and the books are both great and it’s difficult to tell which one was my favourite. So, if your target is interested in gaming and reading: perfect gift! If s/he is not, it could be a way to make her/him read more. If, on the other hand, you are the gamer in the relationship, you could give your partner one of these books as a present in order to boost her/his interest concerning your hobby: video games.

Books - Zelda, Guild Wars and Metro 2033

Books – Zelda, Guild Wars and Metro 2033

Number 2: An Additional Gamepad

You think your partner spends too much time in front of his video games? Then turn this time into time spent together! Or do you think that gaming would be more fun, if your friend joined you? Then encourage her/him to play with you! How? Buy her/him a second gamepad for his/your console/PC. Playing together with or against another people in one room, especially when it’s your partner, is so much better than playing alone or online. If you aren’t or your friend isn’t interested in the games at hand, get a proper one along with the gamepad. When I got together with my girlfriend, she wasn’t into gaming at all. But after we have played some ‘Super Mario Bros.’ and ‘Mario Kart’ together, she was totally into it and today she has a 3DS, my old Wii and a Steam account on her own.

An Allegory - A Second Controller

An Allegory – A Second Controller

Number 1: Something Home Made

If you want to do something really special for your valentine, then make something home made. Last christmas I got two Zelda themed scarves from my girlfriend and I was overwhelmed! It’s like merchandise, but a thousand times fancier and ten thousand times more valuable. There are many things, you can do, like the mentioned scarves, gloves or winter hats. If you are not into handcraft or haven’t got enough time, you can get something printed, but that is clearly less personal. So you could try something more easy like papercraft. There are countless template on the internet. You cut them out, glue them and that’s it! Of course, this is something smaller than e.g. a hat, but it’s really neat as a small present.

Something Homemade - Two Zelda Themed Scarves

Something Homemade – Two Zelda Themed Scarves

I’m glad for every comment (no need to register!) and I hope that I was capable of giving you some ideas and of enabling you to express your love in the shape of a present.

Here are all of the pictures at a glance.

A Gamer’s Panorama


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