Browser Games I Love

Browser games have been existing for quite a while. However since games for Facebook and mobile phones got really popular, a decreasing interest in browser games can be observed. Still, there are some absolutely funny and captivating games that are always fun to play. Today, I want to show you some of my favourites.

Meat Boy

Meat Boy is a super challenging jump ‘n’ run. You control a piece of meat, Meat Boy, who wants to save his girlfriend from his evil opponent. The central mechanisms of the game are running, sliding down walls and jumping. There are about 50 levels. In order to finish a level, you have to avoid disk saws, spikes and/or salt pits while you are getting from one end to the other. There are a few cutscenes telling the cute, ‘Mario’-like story. Thanks to the game’s difficulty, playing this game is really addicting because you’ll always want to finish just one more level.
There is also an enhanced and extended version available in retail sale named ‘Super Meat Boy’.

I recommend this game to everyone who’s into challenging games and/or jump ‘n’ runs!

To play Meat Boy, click here.

Learn To Fly

This game is about a penguin having the burning desire to fly. So, in the role of the penguin, you slide down a ski jump and fly as far as possible over the ocean. The farther you fly, the more money you get. You also get money for beating several achievements. To enhance your flying abilities, you are able to spend your earned money to buy rockets, gliders and higher ski jumps and to upgrade them. Your aim is to fly a defined distance in as few days as possible.

The game is very motivating thanks to its clear aim, the constant option to upgrade your equipment and to improve your personal performance and records each flight.

‘Learn To Fly’ is great and if you have some spare time, you should really try the game here.

For all of you who liked or loved the game, here is the sequel. It’s way more complex and as good as the original.

Robot Unicorn Attack

‘Robot Unicorn Attack’ is the ‘Flappy Bird’, the ‘Doodle Jump’ of the ancient days (…okay, Doodle Jump is actually older). You control a robot unicorn running and jumping through a pink world  while dashing through stars and being accompanied by dolphins and an incredible ear worm as a soundtrack.
I guess that’s enough to make you want to play this game, isn’t it?

Having three lives, the goal is to get as many points as possible. Points are awarded for every second you survive, for collecting little elves and for destroying mentioned stars. The more stars or elves you collect in a row, the more points you get for each. ‘Robot Unicorn Attack’ becomes a real challenge, because the longer you run, the faster the game gets.

The first time you see and especially hear the game, it’s possible that it doesn’t look too attractive in your eyes, but I assure you that once you have played the game, it is as addicting as ‘Flappy Bird’ and that you’ll sing the song even when you don’t play the game.

Try it here!

I hope I was able to show you some games suiting you and I’m glad for every comment!

A Gamer’s Panorama

PS: Visit the gallery for some more screenshots.


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