Hands On: Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Demo

Hey folks!

So I have been busy the last few months and just couldn’t find the time to develop my blog. Nevertheless I now present you a new post hoping that some others will follow briefly.

Not having received a code from Nintendo by e-mail, I was lucky enough to find a code for the unlimited Super Smash Bros. demo for the 3DS on the Internet. Yay! Or not yay? Or even not yay at all?

Of course, I played quite a few rounds at the weekend. Overall picture concerning gameplay: great! Overall picture regarding the first reviews of the full game: sadly, just okay…

Let’s start with the demo. The first few rounds I really had troubles with the controls. First, I’m used to have the grab at the right trigger. So I was grabbing instead of rolling all the time. Second, I was completely convinced that if I used the A button often enough when I wanted to jump, it would eventually become the jumping button…stupid me. After those rounds to acclimatisate, I came to terms with the controls better than I initially had expected. (Still, the old 3DS is just too small for my hands.) Just the circle pad isn’t 100% suitable since your fingers slip lightly, especially doing quick moves. That could become an issue in highly competitive online matches. In the full version, you can adapt the controls though (unfortunately there’s not the option to use the D-pad instead of the circle pad to move)

My favorite character is Link. That was expectable since he is one of my mains since the N64 version. The bombs are working fine (I’ve always loved using them), you can use the bow to wipe out your enemies at higher percentages and I adore the new A attack during running (yeah, I don’t know the technical terms šŸ˜‰ ): a small jump forward ending with a slash. I like the villager more than I thought I would. The tons of different animations are superb and all the smashes are powerful. Mario, as always, seems to be the perfect all-round character. I don’t know why, but I’m not as good with Pikachu as I used to be. There is so significant change, but somehow it doesn’t feel smooth palying him. Interesting fact: his thunder goes through the middle platform. That seems to be a glitch since it doesn’t work for the others. I looked forward to play as Megaman, but his range attacks aren’t as impressive as I thought they would be. His smashes are really good though. Delivering a final verdict having only five chracters and 2min fights is not possible.

The graphics are way better than expected. The action is clearly visible even with four characters on the small screen. And the most important point: the game is just pure fun!

Regarding the first reviews on the game, the extent of the game disappointed me though. A lot of reused, old stages and just a few new ones; no online Smash-Run; no stage builder; no cinematic intro; no real Target Smash; no events. I hope that the WiiU version will be able to offer more content.

Originally, I only wanted to buy the WiiU version because a) I didn’t want to pay twice for nearly the same game and b) I haven’t enjoy playing on the 3DS that much recently. It’s a shame that there’s no WiiU/3DS game bundle announced. But even with all those missing features the 3DS version is so much fun that I have to reconsider that decision. Damn demo version! šŸ˜€

Best regards

A Gamer’s Panorama

P.S.: Here’s a really cool comic explaining how the dog and the duck from Duck Hunt became friends.


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