Flappy Bird — or how I spent my last two days

‘Flappy Bird’ is a free mobile game (available for iOS and Android) having one of the highest addictivities I ever came across. You control a bird in its unsteady flight per tapping. One tap = one small ascent. Since the bird sinks nearly immediately after your touch, you will be constantly tapping. You fly automatically from left to right and the goal is to fly through as many small gaps between two tubes (looking like those from Super Mario) as possible. And that is really hard.

The game was developed by Dong Nguyen in May 2013, but has been starting to get viral since January. While mobile phone users worldwide don’t text or phone anymore, because they are playing ‘Flappy Bird’ all the time, the 29-year old inventor doesn’t want to hear anything about the hype and advises players to give his game a break every now and then.

That is a lot easier said than done! The game is so addictive that I even took a break from writing this post in order to play the game and to get frustrated not being able to rise my high score once again.

Flappy Bird Screenshot

To point out: the game is great! The source of its awesomeness is its simplicity. After playing it the first time, you know exactly what you have to do and you won’t do or learn anything else for the rest of the game. It’s just you and the challenge to pass the tubes as many times as possible. The competition for the highest high score with your friends will encourage you to play ‘Flappy Bird’ additionally. The game is the reason why I didn’t regret to have forgotten my book at home this morning. I spent my train ride today playing instead of reading and I wasn’t sad about it.

To everybody owning a smart phone and not possessing the game: get the game now and thank (and hate!) me later.

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Uncharted 3 vs. Indiana Jones

At first, a short explanation why I write about a rather old game (and will write about others):

Last year, I finally bought a used PS3. Why so late? Because I knew that I wouldn’t have had the time needed to appreciate all the games that I have missed so far. So finally having some more time (or at least thinking so) I got one and with it some ‘must-have’ games. Of course it turned out that I hadn’t enough time for all these games. One of these games was ‘Uncharted 3’.

Uncharted 3

Source: playstationfriends.de

I heard a lot about the Uncharted series. It was said to be outstanding, to show the power of the PS3, to have enthralling gameplay and…to be like a playable Indiana Jones movie. Ah, Indiana Jones, one of my favourites since I’ve been a child. I remember watching the movies when I was at my aunt’s for holiday: Indiana Jones exploring ancient tombs, fighting the Nazis and then the heart ripping scene in the second movie. The scene scared the shit out of me.

Oh yes, great memories!

So, I started Uncharted (fantastic music!), selected the single-player mode and it was great! A cool bar fight, an early deception and an exciting exploration leading me underground. ‘Yes, they were right. This is like a playable Indiana Jones movie!’ Happily I enjoyed the first one or two hours of the game. But, as time went by, there were more and more gunfights and shootings and shootouts. I named the same thing thrice? That’s right.

The game had begun so delightful, but developed in a way that I didn’t like that much. Yes, the story was still suspenseful, the fights were challenging, but still…The same four steps repeated constantly: at first some exploring, followed by a gunfight with a happy result, but then a sudden accident leading to an escape sequence.

Altogether, Uncharted 3 was fun, but it was not the experience I hoped I would have and it was neither a game deserving to have a metascore of over 90.

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